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Does your business have a problem where software could potentially be a solution?I (> 20 years experience) build the software solution for you FOR FREE

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The Deal Conditions

  • You have a problem in your business that is not resolved or not well resolved, and can imagine that there could be a (better) software-based solution.

  • You must NOT provide or have any solution in mind for it.

  • You give me a clear description of your problem and what company you have or are working for.

  • I will preselect some problems until end of 2022 and then start doing interviews if you are part of them. During this process, I will learn more about the problem and try to propose some rough solutions.

  • I will, after that phase, select a max of three problems where I define a detailed solution which I then present to the "problem owners"

  • I will start to build the proposed solution If at least one of them agrees that they can resolve the problem and deliver them as a Software as a Service product.

  • You as the selected problem owner, will get the solution first, 100% free, for a lifetime, with all initial and future features and exclusive support through me.

  • You will get a contract with my US company assuring the usage right for your company

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Solution Builder Experience

My name is Stefan; I grew up in Switzerland and for the last 20 years, living in and working from different countries, first as an expat, and now as a digital nomad.I started as a professional Software Developer about 25 years ago, with my first years as an employee, after as a freelancer, and then owner of an Offshore Software Development company.Last eight years, I worked mainly in management positions, from Department leader for outsourcing and CX to Head of Software Development to Chief Product Officer for a leading Swiss Software Company doing software solutions for some big telecommunication companies worldwide. I built and am building various side projects, never losing the connection and practicing hands-on software programming.During all this time, one thing always animated me to take on any challenge, and that was solving problems. And with my strong software architect and product management background, this was much about software-based solutions.To list here all vertical and horizontal markets I was involved in building solutions for would take too much of your time, but let's say it was from B2C to B2B, from marketing agencies to Industry, from finance to messaging, from e-commerce to integration and content management projects, from web to mobile apps...Now I want to build the best possible solution for a selected real business problem. See the deal on the left side, please.

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